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having the funds available to get the legal help you need - when you need it - is one of the biggest issues facing most people when they need legal services. Often, if not always, the need for legal services is unplanned and the funds to get the help you need now just aren't available.

zero-down chapter 7 bankruptcy - most people need bankruptcy to immediately stop a collection event from happening such as a car repossession, a wage garnishment or a sheriff sale on the family home. We will file your case with $0 down and then offer you payment plans that are affordable and easy to handle.

low-downpayment chapter 13 bankruptcy - a chapter 13 case is based on a repayment plan that stretches out for 60 months. In most cases, we can finance some or all of our fee through the chapter 13 plan with payments as little as $75 per month.

flat fee pricing for will and trust plans - we have affordable package pricing for will and trust plans which include all of the necessary documents for most families such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills or advance healthcare directives.

flat fee probate fees - when a family loses a loved-one, they need the estate probated in an affordable and stress-free manner. we have one low flat fee to probate an uncontested estates with our without a will.

About Todd Murphy

Todd Murphy Law

Passionate about access to justice and legal services, Todd Murphy is an innovator in providing legal services to families and small businesses in New Jersey. With a background in civil rights, small business and debt/bankruptcy issues, he brings his more than 25 years of experience to help solve your legal problems,

How many people have a rainy day fund for legal expense? Unlike health care, American's don't have insurance to help pay for unexpected legal fees when life events require the help of a lawyer. It's one of the biggest flaws in the justice system in the United States and causes many people to go-it-alone: usually to their detriment.

Todd Murphy founded Dublin Packard to be a leader in delivering legal services to our community through innovation in every aspect of how legal services are delivered

In these very uncertain times, this is more important than ever.


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