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Fresh-Start Chapter 7

Often time life throws things at us the lead to financial difficulties. This may be a divorce, a health issue, loss of employment or other life event. Chapter 7 exists to provide a fresh start after that event, discharging all debts and allowing one to start with a clean slate.

Rebuilding credit after chapter 7 is ussualy important to many and easier than you think (there is no truth to the myth that you will be wrecked for 10 years after bankruptcy).

Chapter 7 is a simple, fast and cost-effective way to get out of debt and get back toiling your life again.

Small Business Chapter 7

For small businesses who are closing down rather than trying to reorganize. If your business is organized as and LLC or Corp, the entity can do a chapter 7 liquidate any business assets and discharge all debts. But, often times small business debts are personally guaranteed which may trigger the need for a personal bankruptcy either chapter 7 or chapter 13 depending on personal finances.

Repayment Plan Chapter 13

The most common situation where chapter 13 can be useful is when a family has gotten behind on a home mortgage loan and is now in a position to get back into repayment status. Chapter 13 provides the means to catch up of, usually 60 months, even if your bank has said "no" to a loan modification.

Small Business Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is a more complex form of bankruptcy used to restructure debt to save a business. Historically, chapter 11 was reserved for larger businesses due to the high cost and complexity of a chapter 11. Recently, a simpler version of chapter 11 was created known as Subchapter V allowing a small business to restructure and save the business,

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