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About Dublin Packard

Dublin Packard is a modern, client-centered law firm delivering legal services to families and small businesses in northern new jersey. Founded by New Jersey native Todd Murphy, who's family came to new jersey from europe six generations generations ago, Dublin Packard has become part of the Community with connections to many organizations and causes.

Lawyers at Dublin Packard are passionate about serving families and small businesses that are underserved by the legal services system. We pride ourselves in using technology to bring legal services to our clients in an efficient and affordable way assuring access to justice for all.

Our practice areas include: estate planning, debt settlement and bankruptcy, mortgage and tax lien foreclosure, loan workouts for small businesses, and tax collections.

We are passionate about access to justice and criminal justice reform and work to reform systems along side civil rights groups and private organizations and government officials.

Our fees are affordable with predictable flat fees and payment plans that enable you to get the legal help you need without having to come up with a large sum of money first.

About Todd Murphy

Todd Murphy Law

Passionate about access to justice and legal services, Todd Murphy is an innovator in providing legal services to families and small businesses in New Jersey. With a background in civil rights, small business and debt/bankruptcy issues, he brings his more than 25 years of experience to help solve your legal problems,

How many people have a rainy day fund for legal expense? Unlike health care, American's don't have insurance to help pay for unexpected legal fees when life events require the help of a lawyer. It's one of the biggest flaws in the justice system in the United States and causes many people to go-it-alone: usually to their detriment.

Todd Murphy founded Dublin Packard to be a leader in delivering legal services to our community through innovation in every aspect of how legal services are delivered

In these very uncertain times, this is more important than ever.


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