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we help individuals, families and small business owners with life's everyday problems.

criminal and misdemeanors, credit and debt collection, loan work-outs, bankruptcy and foreclosures


We can help when you run into an employment issue, catastrophic health event, or drug or alcohol problems. We can also help when these unforeseen events lead to unmanageable financial issues.

Divorce is another area that affects individuals that can be an emotional yet important life event that requires the assistance of lawyers skilled in this area.


The most important thing to a family is their home. When unforeseen events cause financial difficulties often their is a risk of losing the family home. We can help you with loan modifications or even bankruptcy protected save the family home.

Protecting and preserving family assets through estate and tax planning with wills and trusts and providing for the welfare loved-ones through guardianships are important issues we can also help with.

small businesses

Today's small business takes many forms. Not just a retail store-front, franchise, or service or manufacturing business.

Many small business owners work within the "gig economy" where they offer their services from home or drive their own cars for online delivery or ride services such as Lyft, Uber or Grubhub.

Others rent out underutilized assets such as RVs, vacation homes, or motor vehicles through apps such as AirBnB, Turo, Outdoorsey and others.

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